Monday, May 2, 2011

Miss Fancy Pants PTU

This Tutorial was written in psp 9 but is compatible in any version.
Supplies used
Tube is by Keith Garvey to obtain a license to use his art click here.
Template is created by Dee of Dees' Sign Depo Template Pink Princess.
Check out her wonderful templates on her site here.

All other supplies are from the kit Miss Fancy Pants which was created by me.

This is available in Tagger size here.

During this Tutorial please add your drop shadows where desired.

Let's get started

Open up your template and supplies in your psp.

Remove the background layer from the template along with the copyright layer.

Remove the 2 overlay layers

click on one of the pink strip layers. Selections select all float-defloat add a new raster layer and flood fill with a color or paper of choice.

Remove the pink strip layer and repeat for the other pink strip.

Next click on the pink rectangle layer selections select all float-defloat add a new raster layer and again add a paper or color of choice. Remove the rectangle layer. I have removed the word art as well but this is just a preference.

Next click on your grey circle layer- selections select all float-defloat and add a new layer- flood fill with color or paper of choice.

Keep the marching ants around the inside and add your upclose tube if desired.

Duplicate the tube and go to blur gaussian blur and blur to your desire. Then go to your layer palette and choose soft light, hard light or overlay.

Selections invert and delete any excess.

Place your standing tube on the outside of the tag.

Now add your frame of choice behind the circle, click inside the frame with your magic wand tool and go to selections modify expand by 4 add a new raster layer and flood fill this layer with a paper or color of choice.

Select none.

Decorate your tag with any elements that you desire.
Add your text and copyright and save.

I hope that you enjoyed my Tutorial


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